In Depth Information About Wind Turbine Technician Training

Because of the movement to get away from fossil fuels as a primary means of dependence for energy, other types of energy have become more popular. With the rise of seeking out wind energy, the demand for individuals who can operate and fix the wind turbines has also increased. The role of wind turbine technician is described below.

Training Options

The training for becoming a wind turbine technician is an intensive curriculum. Individuals will learn from all different types of wind turbine technician training courses everything that it takes to be a wind turbine technician. This will mean that they have training in all sorts of safety, hydraulics, electrical power, generators, and mechanical engineering all in one program. Many programs will allow individuals who already possess a degree to take a shortened version of the training for a certificate. Wind turbine technician training can last for various amounts of time (depending on the program) but can be a few years long in a formal setting.

Locational Training

Wind farms arenít ideal in every place in the United States or the world because currently there arenít a lot of places that have enough wind to make the turbines cost effective. If trained in this field, an individual can seek hands on interning, training, and even employment in almost any area across the country which has major wind farms. The best thing is that training, maintenance, and overall work across these farms is virtually identical. The models and company specifics may change, but regardless of location the machines are basically the same. The most important concept will be learning the fundamentals, interpreting blueprint, and troubleshooting to fix million dollar turbines at any given time.

Typical Coursework / Principles Learned

The wind turbine technician can expect to have a lot of duties once he or she is actually employed in the field. Because the field itself is so new to the world, there can be a great deal of variety even from day to day operations. A technician could find themselves doing anything from building turbines, fixing them, reconstructing old models, or even troubleshooting. A technician will always be faced with new challenges in this industry. A great part of this wind turbine technician training will be learning to become resourceful and understand how to read blueprints to make any necessary changes.


While different certifications exist across the board for wind turbine technician training there are some major overall organizations and certifying bodies such as the BZEE which designate the best programs. Other organizations can certify across a broad spectrum. Some safety programs will certify training schools that emphasize on the job training (for when workers deal with high voltage, high winds, heights, etc.). Other programs will focus more on the generator understanding so that individuals are certified on the fundamentals of repair and mechanical maintenance. The best certifying bodies for many of the wind turbine technician training programs are certifications that are actually created by the manufacturers themselves.

If one is looking for a strong form of employment that could take off like a rocket, wind turbine technician training is the key for them. Wind turbine technician training is still very young and developmental, but the combination of theory and application is sure to appeal to almost anyone with a mechanical mindset. The hands on training for this growing industry will be extremely intensive in many cases, but will surely prepare almost any individual for a successful career.